Electricity is a utility in our house that we use often, but it is one of the most dangerous. We rely on electrical wires for lighting, temperature control, and entertainment. However, structure fires are often caused by a lack of safety measures taken with electricity. Here are five electrical safety tips that will help reduce these risks.

Remove Damaged Cords

When you are walking through your home, check power cords regularly. Whether it is a charging cable, power cable, or an extension cord, damaged cords can cause fires. Look for any areas where the protective coating is stripped away.

Limit Devices per Outlet for Electrical Safety

Outlets are designed to only handle so many currents going through them at one time. It is tempting to plug in power strips or adapters that will expand the number of connections per outlet. While both of these devices can be used, use no more than one adapter per outlet to follow electrical safety guidelines. Larger power strips and adapters for entertainment should have surge protection. These include outlets for computers and televisions.

Electrical Safety and Extension Cords

Extension cords are designed to be temporarily used when you need power to something that is not near an outlet, like a leaf blower or holiday lights. In addition to being tripping hazards, extension cords will spark if they are yanked out of the wall. If you live in a house with limited outlets, contact an electrician to install more outlets throughout the home instead of relying on extension cords.

Move Clutter Away From Outlets

Outlets that have paper or other items stacked near them have a greater chance of catching fire. It is also important to make sure that the area around an outlet is dry. Clean up spills around plugs and electrical connections. Water is an electrical conductor, so water near an outlet can cause a shock.

Protect Outlets From Kids and Pets

The final electrical safety measure you can perform is to make sure all of your empty outlets and cables are protected from young children and pets. Pets that chew on wires risk being shocked, and they also can increase the chance of fires. Young children love to explore and may attempt to put fingers or other objects into exposed outlets. Use outlet covers to prevent this from happening.

Electricity is a luxury that is often enjoyed without a second thought. By going through the house and making sure these safety tips are followed, you can prevent fires or injury. Electrical safety is one aspect of owning or renting a home that should not be neglected.

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