When you’re preparing to sell your home, it’s helpful to make the property attractive to buyers. Improving your home’s exterior appearance is an important step to take before listing your home. Make sure your house gives a positive first impression with these tips to boost curb appeal.

Boost Curb Appeal by Decluttering the Yard

Improve the exterior of your home by tidying the front yard. Remove any children’s toys, gardening equipment, and fallen tree branches. Clean the front yard of leaves, debris, and personal belongings. Tuck garbage cans into the garage or under your deck.

Trim Trees

If overgrown trees and shrubs are hiding your home, buyers cannot see what the property looks like. Trim bushes or trees that block the view of the property from the road. When selling a house, it’s important that buyers can clearly see the front of the home. You can usually tackle this project yourself with hedge clippers or pruning tools. However, if you have large tree branches that need to come down, call a professional to do the job.

Pressure-Wash the House

Using a pressure washer is an easy way to freshen up your home. Remove dirt, mud, and mildew from the walls. The pressure washer can also be used to clean the deck and the driveways and walkways. If you don’t own a pressure-washing machine, rent one from a local hardware store or hire a professional to do it for you.

Update the Front Porch to Boost Curb Appeal

Most people will enter your home via the front porch. Spend some time making improvements to the entryway. Add an outdoor rug, install a new light fixture, and include color with potted plants. Buy a new welcome mat and attractive cushions for the front porch furniture.

Add Lighting

Because a potential buyer might drive by the home in the evening, upgrade the outdoor lighting. Install LED lights to mark the walkway. Hang string lights on the porch or patio. Lights on the front steps also improve safety and boost curb appeal.

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